About SWF


Smile Wellness Foundation (SWF) aims to translate science and transform minds by working with corporations, government agencies, colleges, underprivileged communities, and various other organizations that serve children by educating them. SWF wants to encourage people to use lifestyle changes and stress release tools for optimal performance. To support someone or to help someone is a natural instinct in each one of us. SWF is founded with the purpose of evoking that spark of being human! When everyone in the community want to help or contribute to each other, then this spark becomes a big blessing like sunshine! It appears as a beautiful rainbow with vibrant colors smiling on everyone’s face!

SMILE - Sensitizing Mind Innovations Liveliness Enthusiasm

This program has three modules, Physical health, Emotional health and Spiritual health to balance life and enhance wellbeing of an individual. It not just trains individuals on behavioral aspects but also encourages for preventive healthcare. Usage of different tools like working with mindfulness (giving 100% to whatever one does), clarity of thoughts (How to achieve  desired Goals, Understanding, Preparing, Facing Audits; Handling audit non compliances) emotional freedom techniques for management of stress (personal / professional) understanding brain chemistry ( For improving inter personnel relationship /Teamwork) ,wonders of wellness (For quick fixing the emotional issues and maintaining right frame of mind to take right decisions at right time).