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Mysteries Create Wonder and Wonder is the Basis of Man's Desire to Understand (Neil Armstrong) If you are looking for a unique gift for your child, then Mysteries Art of Science Kit is a great idea Why ?🙋
⚡It's different 🎊 It's innovative🧲 It's scientific,It's creative🍧and most importantly it's a good idea 😎to encourage your child do practical experiments and learn science concepts with fun!👍🤩 Cause every brilliant experiment 💡, like every great work of art🎨, starts with an act of imagination💭.
So enhance your imagination by performing practical science experiments with our DIY Mysteries Science KIT😉✨✌ Let's ignite the💥 SPARK💥

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Manasi Deshpande

We would like to thank you for the informative and interesting workshop. It had a strong positive impact on our students. So much so that they have started implementing the ideas discussed during the workshop in their everyday lives doing small experiments at home and especially in the kitchen. It has been great associating with you.

Sheetal Sahastrbudhe

I attended "Happiness Unlimited" online sessions at the time of pandemic. The sessions were really nice , definitely moral boosting as well as full of positivity. Thank you so much Dr. Surekha & Dr. Mamata .

Prof. Samir Ghole

This Art of Science project of Smile Wellness Foundation is a very good initiative. I feel every school should welcome this. This is specially going to add value to the students in villages, where many a times there are no Laboratories... Students enjoy doing experiments and they get thrilled when they realize they can make some product. Students get interested and come up many enquiries . Smile Wellness Foundation have conducted 4 Science Workshops .and students felt so enthusiastic to handle material.tubes. doing experiments by themselves.They really look forward for next Science Workshop

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