1. Smile Wellness Foundation collects information from the users in a number of ways, for example when the user:
1  Makes a donation
2  Registration for an Event
3  Signs up for daily update

2.  While forwarding a donation for Smile Wellness Foundation the well-wishers have to submit some personal information as it would help us ensuring genuine contributions:

1  Your name
2  Your email and mailing address
3  Your telephone number
4  Your payment processing details
5  Pancard details is needed only for the donation purpose

Any other data as required

3.  Smile Wellness Foundation does not collect or record the user’s personal information unless he/she chooses to provide it.

 Use of Personal Information

1.  General browsing of Smile Wellness Foundation website is anonymous and it does not register the user's personal information except the time, date and place of visits and the name of internet service provider. This data is used only for statistics and diagnosis.

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SWF wants to encourage people to use lifestyle changes and stress release tools for optimal performance.


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